Made In L.A.: Behind The Brand-New Jewelry Line That’s Making Emoticons Cool

Here at Refinery29, we have a penchant for amazing style...especially when it has an amazing story to match. So, we're bringing you a brand-new series called Made In, in which we scour the country for the coolest products from the most inspired designers. The only caveat? Everything has to be made in the ol' U.S. of A.
We're kicking off with emoticon-inspired jewelry line Outerbridge. Designer Alexandra Outerbridge may have been born in Bermuda, brought up in London, and schooled in Miami, but when you ask her where home is, she only has one answer: Los Angeles.
Not only are her quirky, metal-based pieces heavily influenced by the city's vibrant youth and street culture, but they're also designed, sourced, and produced locally in the heart of L.A. from start to finish. Here, Outerbridge walks you through photos of her covetable jewels, her inspirations, and of course, her city.
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