These Are The Safety Tips Every Runner Should Know

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
This weekend is the New York City Marathon, or in other words: the day everyone considers picking up running as a new hobby. The marathon is iconic, and it's tough not to get inspired by the 50,000 runners from around the world, traversing the five boroughs. You might be thinking, I'll never run a marathon, but these people make jogging look kind of fun.
But before you lace up your sneaks and run outside for the first time, there are a few ground rules you should know. Safety is important, especially in a city as bustling as NYC, so we asked running experts from the best clubs in the city to share their advice for running outside.
Ahead are the tips you need to know, from New York Road Runners (NYRR); North Brooklyn Runners; Dashing Whippets Running Team; and Natalie Johnson, a NASM-certified trainer and running coach. Whether you're running for the first time or are signed up for the marathon this weekend, this helpful info will keep you on track.

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