This Is The Only Running Playlist You Need This Week

If you ask us, no workout is complete without a killer playlist — and running is no exception.
Whether you prefer the trails or the treadmill, the right songs can make the difference between a good run and great run. (No, that isn't just your addiction to pop talking.)
Plus, music has actually been found to improve people's performance during cardio workouts. A 2009 study, for example, suggested that music helps us power through fatigue more easily. See, even science wants you to run for your life with Yeezy at full volume.
We asked R29 staffers to share their favorite running songs, and they did not disappoint. Today, we've added five new tracks we can't stop listening to.
Below, check out our previous running playlists for even more jams.
Check back in the following weeks for more of your favorite tracks — and don't forget to check out our regular workout playlist, too.

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