7 Workout Classes In NYC That Will Get You Into Running

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One underrated perk of trying new boutique fitness classes is having the opportunity to learn about a new sport. Think about it: You probably didn't realize you loved biking for exercise until you took an indoor cycling class. Or maybe you never knew how to approach an erg until you finally tried a rowing class. Luckily, in New York City, there's pretty much a workout class for every sport, including running.
If you've been apprehensive about running, a class can be less intimidating than trying to jump in with a herd of runners on the street. There are a handful of trendy running classes in NYC, some of which take place on indoor treadmills, and others that are guided group runs on the street or in the park with a running coach. And whether you're training for the New York City Marathon or just want to be able to run around the Central Park loop, there's a class that suits your level and goal.
Ahead are the best running classes in the city, and what each one has to offer. Who knows? These classes might become your next boutique workout obsession, or they might be a gateway to your new favorite sport.
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Tread & Shred

The workout: The instructor will tell you what level and speed to set your treadmill to over the course of the 60-minute class. That sounds like a long time, but the instructors also add in strength-training intervals to break up the time spent on the 'mill.

Best for: People who are looking for a challenge. If you're a beginner, you may find it too strenuous.

Price: Technically, you need a Chelsea Piers Fitness membership to take this class, but it's also available on ClassPass.
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Red room of (muscle) pain 💪🏼🚨#Barrys #buyitatbarrys #howdoyoubarry

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Barry's Bootcamp

The workout: A combination of running on a treadmill and strength-training with weights on the floor.

Best for: The running section during a Barry's class is a great introduction to running on the treadmill, because it doesn't require a ton of endurance, but it will still test your limits with intervals. The strength-training part of class is challenging, too, particularly after you've been running.

Price: $36 a class
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In it together. We work and train together to show that whether you want to go fast or go far, we do it together 👟

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Mile High Run Club

The workout: There are a few different levels, but you should start with Dash 28, the 45-minute class that involves about 28 minutes of running on a treadmill, and 10 minutes of strength-training.

Best for: People who can run for a sustained period of time on the treadmill. You can adjust your speed based on your specific level, but be prepared to trot on the treadmill for at least a few miles.

Price: $32 a class
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New York Pilates Run Club

The workout: Yes, this is a Pilates studio that also hosts running classes. There's a bi-weekly meet-up that runs a 5 or 10-K around the neighborhood. After the free run, you can sign up for a Pilates reformer class at the studio.

Best for: Well-rounded runners who want to get stronger. The post-run Pilates class is designed to strengthen muscles specific to running, and there's also a stretch class for runners if you're feeling tight.

Price: Free to run, $40 for the Pilates class
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New York Road Runner Group Training

The workout: There are four weekly training sessions that meet at Central Park, Prospect Park, East River Park, and Astoria Park. If you're a beginner, you might want to try the "Mashup Wednesday" sessions, which include a warmup, mix of interval and tempo workouts, and a stretch.

Best for: Those training for a race. It's a great way to hone in on your technique and skills, plus you get to meet other runners in your area who have signed up for the same race as you.

Price: $80 for eight weekly workouts, if you're a NYRR member
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Precision Running at Equinox

The workout: During this treadmill workout, you'll do a series of HIIT intervals and steady, sustained running. If you're also trying to improve your strength, Precision Running: Circuit incorporates cross-conditioning.

Best for: Gear junkies. They use lots of high-tech equipment in this class, such as Woodway Treadmills and vibrating foam rollers.

Price: Equinox members only, but ask for a free day pass
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The workout: Believe it or not, many CrossFit workouts involve short spurts of running intervals, in addition to all the weightlifting.

Best for: Skeptics who aren't sure that running is for them, or runners who want to build strength. Running is secondary to most CrossFit workouts, so don't expect to be running the whole time.

Price: $35 a class
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