How Math Was Used To Make The PERFECT Handbag

Calling one's handbag "perfect" is subjective, and aside from your own personal feelings, it depends on the needs the bag fills: For some, it's a life-saving evening clutch that magically fits your wallet, cell phone, and lip balm. For others, it's the day-to-day tote that gets thrown on the ground often, even though it practically holds your entire life.

But for newly launched luxury label OneSixOne, "perfect" is used in the literal sense. Designed by Adrián Salvador Candela, an alum of Peter Pilotto and J. Mendel, the brand pulls aesthetic inspiration (and its name) from the golden ratio — or nature's secret to perfection.

"OneSixOne are the three first figures of the number that governs beauty, the golden ratio," the company writes on its website. "The golden ratio attributes an aesthetic character to objects...[it is a] synonym with balance, harmony, and beauty because of its sound, its emotional charge, its visual and graphic balance. The sense of harmony that transmits being a palindrome number and representativeness of this number [is] in the philosophy of the brand, as well as its relationship with nature and architecture."

But what does a bag that's achieved such a state of precision actually look like? Available in three different styles (two cross-bodies and one clutch), the items are comprised of hardware by Spanish jewelry designer Helena Rohner and adorned in artistic prints by painter Vicky Uslé. The bags themselves will be reproduced every six months in conjunction with a different artist, and only 161 versions (naturally) of each style will be produced and sold.

So whether you're a mathematics fanatic or simply on the hunt for the next statement piece to add to your rotating wardrobe, these bags will definitely catch your eye. And while the cost may be on the steeper side (items start at $958), you can't put a price on perfection, right?

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