We Ranked One-Piece Swimsuits At Every Price Point & Here's What We Found Out

You know a trend has caught on when you start seeing it everywhere. But with so many options comes the question: Which one is actually Worth It? Every Tuesday, we're looking at a different fashion girl favorite and the varying price points it comes in, and letting you know — straight up — how much you should really be spending. You work hard for your money; why not put it towards pieces that matter?
There's no doubt one-piece swimsuits are back and trendier than ever. But, the thing about this silhouette is that it can either fit so perfectly, or it can fit you very, very wrong (and wedgies — including frontal ones — are no fun at all). So when you're shopping for one, you're not just solely concerned about aesthetics. And that's where the tough part comes in: Do you stock up on a few cheap options from Zara? Or do you just buy one (probably a bit more expensive) suit that fits you like an actual glove?
To find out, we've rounded up a few classic one-piece options at varying prices as a point of comparison. With swimsuit season fast approaching, click on to weigh your options — and don't be surprised if you never bother with bikinis again.