Pack It Up! 8 Suitcase-Friendly Finds For Every Summer Getaway

We don't know about you, but from Memorial Day through Labor Day, we almost always have a suitcase ready and waiting for the next weekend trip...whether it's to the lake, the beach, the pool, or just away.
And because we're always in favor of a smooth getaway (keys, wallet, bag, go!), we've rounded up a few super-versatile suitcase staples from one of our favorite resort-wear brands, OndadeMar. Whether it's a carry-on that doubles as a beach bag or a simple, white cover-up that looks just as chic on the beach as it does at a rooftop bar, each of these finds packs a huge punch...without taking up a lot of space.
Click through to check out our stellar weekend lineup...and start planning your own. We're almost there!
Photo: Courtesy of OndadeMar

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