Which Hollywood Icon Are You?

Drinking dry martinis, dancing to Sinatra tunes, and holding court at classic hotspots like the Brown Derby: The screen sirens of Old Hollywood made life look impossibly glamorous. And, it's this time of year, as Oscar envelopes are being sealed firmly shut and gowns are being taken in for their final fittings, that we find ourselves daydreaming of what it would be like to be one of the great, iconic beauties. Stunning, talented, and at times tragic, these actresses captured everyone's attention. Some were known for their sex-symbol status, while others were universally admired for their elegance and poise. You're already on a first-name basis with them, of course, but which fabled film star is your true spirit animal? Are you a bombshell like Marilyn, or a charming ingenue à la Audrey? Click ahead to find out — and, consider this the old-school version of Freaky Friday.