Are You Chill Enough To Live In L.A.?

Aggressive. Impatient. Wound up. These qualities are hallmarks of the Type A personality, and they are not often found in your average Angeleno. We know, we know: We're playing into a stereotype here, but it happens to be one we can stand behind. We're a laid-back bunch here in L.A., and we'll take the slower-paced beach life over the hustle-and-bustle of a certain East Coast city any day of the week.
That said, not everyone fits this mold. Some City of Angels dwellers have easygoing tendencies, while others are a bit more high-strung. So, where on the chill spectrum do you fall? Should you hightail it out of L.A., or were you born for our sunny shores? Take the quiz, and find out!

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