10 Graphic Statement Pieces That Say What We're All Thinking

Have you ever fallen down a shopping rabbit hole? You know, when one awesome brand leads you to another with a similar aesthetic, and then another, and then another? That's basically what happens when we shop on Tictail, the easiest platform for discovering emerging brands from around the globe. Every two weeks, we're teaming up with the site to unearth a selection of brands you probably don't know about, but definitely should. Prepare to open a LOT of browser tabs.
Nothing's easier to throw on than a graphic tee. Not only does it get compliments left and right with minimal effort, but it makes a statement, too. Whether it's political, tongue-in-cheek, or just straight-up hilarious, there isn't a better conversation starter than a piece of clothing that says what we're all thinking. It turns out, Tictail is stocked with graphic statement pieces that speak volumes, from our very own feminist merch created in collaboration with a bunch of awesome female artists, to funny, relatable sayings from indie brands all around the world. These are the pieces you reach for when you don't really feel like getting dressed, and don't really feel like talking, either. (Hey, we don't have to be so peppy and optimistic all the time, you know.) So, click on for statement-making picks from Anna Decilveo, Tictail's product merchandiser. If they leave you wanting more, head here for endless options.

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