This Scarf Can Tell When You’re Having A Bad Day

Photo: Courtesy of Neff.
Mood rings will forever be associated with cheesy arcade games and '90s nostalgia, but recently this old-school trend has undergone a surprising fashionable update. Along with ultra-luxe jewels (a far cry from the plastic ones we remember), emotion detection has since cropped up on sweaters, nail polish, and even formalwear. However, the latest innovation in mood-clothing technology takes things one step further by not only detecting your disposition — it helps change it. Created by the Amsterdam-based textile company Neffa, the Chameleon Scarf is inspired by its namesake lizard. Just as chameleons change color to regulate their body temperatures and give social communication, this silk-chiffon scarf switches its pattern according to factors like temperature, UV light, and the user's mood. The colors and prints turn bright when your body temperature is regulated (which often happens when you're content). But, thanks to heat-responsive thermochromic ink, the pattern disappears as soon as body temperature heats up (which often happens when you're stressed or angry). According to the Neffa website, blending into one's surroundings when stressed or scared "creates a permanent sense of comfort, warmth, peace, and safety." This is a strategy that certainly works for lizards out in nature, but it remains to be seen if it can translate to humans just trying to get through their crowded daily commute. But, with the potential payoff so bizarre, it's worth a shot. Find out more about the Neffa Chameleon scarf here.

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