Forget Mood Rings, It’s All About The Mood Sweater

Whether it's mood-dependent lipsticks or dresses that reveal more than you’d care to share, it’s safe to say we've seen it all. How accurate these mesmerizing contraptions are, we’ll never know, but there’s a buzz surrounding a crazy new mood sweater in tech town, and we've got the lowdown on its chameleon-esque ways.
Mashable recently reported on the GER Mood Sweater, a space-age-esque turtleneck that reads human emotions by reflecting LED light colors onto the sweater’s white fabric. That’s a mood-changing sweater to you and us, much like those mood rings from the ‘90s we all loved to hate wear.
The sweater is the brainchild of San Francisco-based design company Sensoree and contains a sensor known as a Galvanic Extimacy Responder. Worn on the hands, the sensor picks up the emotive state of the wearer and reflects it back onto the sweater through a five-color spectrum, giving a sort of “biofeedback” on the “externalized intimacy” the wearer displays.
Translating our emotions into color — teal for a tranquil state, blue to suggest a relaxed state, magenta for excitement, red for love (obviously), and pale yellow for a content, happy state — the sweater allows those around us to pick up on how we’re feeling. Fashion is all about self-expression, after all.
Speaking to Mashable, Kristin Neidlinger, Sensoree's founder and lead designer, said, "I believe technology can make us more aware. With responsive clothing, you can animate your body and heighten communication with yourself and others." With only 100 of the limited-edition sweaters made available to pre-order, will you be jumping on this tech fashion bandwagon, or will the humble non-tech Kenzo sweater suffice? (Mashable)

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