Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso Wants To Go Shopping With You (And We’ll Pay For It)!

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If reincarnation is real, we want to come back as Nasty Gal founder (and #GIRLBOSS author) Sophia Amoruso. But hey, we’d settle for getting personally styled by the fashion pioneer. You’d be cool with that, too? Good timing: We’re teaming up with Nasty Gal to give away a $1,000 in-store shopping spree in Los Angeles — Amoruso will meet you there to help you pick out clothes while you fangirl SUPER HARD. Oh yeah, and we’ll even chip in $1,000 for airfare and put you up in some cool digs (Palihotel Melrose). While you shop, you can chat with Amoruso about her new book, Nasty Galaxy. The part scrapbook, part inspo-journal hits bookshelves on October 4 (pre-order your copy at or wherever books are sold), and it’s filled with her favorite quotes, cool how-tos, photos straight from her personal collection, and plenty more. No surprise — you’ll come away feeling totally inspired by the badass Girlboss. Just take this gem of real-talk life advice, for example: ”Your life can begin as a dirty skateboard and morph into a hot rod somewhere along the way,” Amoruso writes in Nasty Galaxy’s intro. “You just have to keep the doors on the motherfucker, even if it takes a lot of duct tape. It never ends: I am duct-taping all day, every day, to this day." Amoruso took a break from duct-taping to chat with us about her book, her favorite historic Girlbosses, and her secret to finding inspiration:
What was the inspiration for Nasty Galaxy?
"After #GIRLBOSS, I wanted to do something more visual that had substance, but wouldn't require the commitment of reading a business book. Nasty Galaxy's a reflection of the Nasty Gal brand and my personality, life, and influences — from my everyday life to cinema and music history." Nasty Galaxy also has hilarious how-tos, from "How To Go Commando" to "How To Mute Your Poop." How did you choose what you wanted to write about?
"There were a lot of ideas that just didn’t have a place in #GIRLBOSS. Putting them all in one place feels really special. You can turn to any page and find something that might make you laugh or might make you think. It’s not just a pretty book." You also interviewed an eclectic group of fellow Girlbosses, from the up-and-coming to celebrities and household names.
"I didn't want the book to be just about me. It’s important to show other people’s perspectives and how not everybody starts from the same place, that success isn’t really a straight line. That’s also what I’m trying to do with my podcast Girlboss Radio — to humanize extraordinary people." I can't believe you asked Gwyneth Paltrow what kind of toilet paper she uses!
[laughing] "Gwyneth's really just a cool girl. You meet her and she's just like, "What's up?" She seems larger than life, but she poops, too. I even used a picture of her wearing sweatpants for the book." If you could go back in time and talk to any historic Girlbosses, who would've been included in the book?
"I definitely would've been interested in talking to Jesus' mom, Mary. Then I think Amelia Earhart…and maybe Joan of Arc and Medusa, if she was real. Possibly Cleopatra. I feel like a 12-year-old, I don’t know! All those ladies were nasty gals, for sure." What's the biggest misconception people have about being a Girlboss?
"Maybe the biggest misconception is that you can't be yourself. Sometimes people look at women who are entrepreneurs and think they must be all business all the time. I think just being yourself gives other people permission to be themselves. So that’s what I try to do. Because I have bangs and a severe haircut on the cover of #GIRLBOSS, and I’m standing like I know what’s up, people sometimes expect me to be less approachable — and I have my moments, don’t get me wrong. But I'm a pretty easy person to talk to. That's just who I am." Nasty Galaxy is a great starting point for inspiration. How else do you recommend finding those songs, movies, books, etc. that turn your brain on?
"Really, the key to inspiration is a lot of not working. It gives you time to discover things. It’s much easier now than it used to be. Before I started Nasty Gal, I worked at a record store and had a lot of time to just tool around and download really obscure stuff that my weird friends had ripped off of vinyl and made into MP3s. It felt like a treasure hunt in the same way that shopping for vintage does. Now you can go on Spotify, put on anything, and see what the related artists are. I’ve outgrown thinking that something’s better because it’s obscure, but I think there’s real beauty in things that are lesser known." What's the last great movie/book/TV show/article you've enjoyed?
"Hmmm... The movie is Embrace of the Serpent — that was really great. On TV, I’ve really been liking Unreal. I’ve been reading The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, which I got as a gift, but didn't expect to like as much as I do. It's really good. I’ve been avoiding magazines almost entirely for the last few weeks. I think they have a tendency to make you feel bad about your life. It's the same with social media, because people only post the things they're really proud of or vacation photos. That doesn’t leave me very inspired — it makes me wonder why I’m working."

You're going to style one lucky contest winner. Any tips for the rest of us?
"I think you can have too many statement pieces. It's important to choose what piece you want people to comment on when you get dressed. If there’s more than one, you’ll probably look wacky. What else? Dress for your personality. Wear things that complement your figure." Yes, go commando and burn all of your old clothes. Enter to win the $1,000 shopping spree and styling session now!
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States (excluding Rhode Island), 18 years or older and over the age of majority in jurisdiction of residence at time of entry. Ends 8/14/16 at 11:59 p.m. ET. For Official Rules, click here. Void where prohibited.

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