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Super Sale Alert: While the Miessial Striped Linen Midi Dress featured in this viral Amazon product story isn’t on sale during Prime Day, we’ve rustled up some other nap-dress-esque styles below that are marked down for the occasion.
Originally published on June 16, 2021.
The popularity of the so-called “nap dress” came on slowly and quietly — not unlike the proverbial forty winks themselves. While the womenswear brand Hill House Home is best known for packaging the frock back in 2019, the term has become so ubiquitously applied to a certain style of dress that it’s achieved the status of Kleenex® or Tupperware®; the brand name has come to represent the entire category. Not only is this dress associated with a very specific silhouette (smocked in the bodice, loose in the skirt, and flattering in the overall fit) but the idea of it has also become synonymous with 2020 itself. Despite the fact that we're preparing to get out of bed (symbolically) for the first time since a global pandemic upended our lives, we’re now recognizing our deep-rooted attachment to the forgiving frock that's become our go-to attire during a, particularly, snooze-worthy year. Knowing that the dress penetrated every possible corner of the retail world in 2020, it should come as no surprise that there’s a nap dress for every style and budget out there. This brings us to the agenda of today’s viral deep-dive: a fanatically reviewed nap dress we found quietly lurking on Amazon for $40. The brainchild of a brand called Miessial, this affordable iteration is more officially referred to as the Striped Linen Long Dress Elegant Ruffle Cap Sleeves Midi Dress and is offered in three crowd-pleasing colorways (a sky blue stripe, slate gray stripe, and classic white stripe). Amazon's cotton-linen-blend frock checks all of the nap dress boxes: a smocked bodice, romantic sleeves, free-flowing skirt, and (seemingly) airy fabrication that makes it perfect for all-day summer wear.

Amazon Prime Day Nap Dress Deals

This dress looks good on EVERYONE!

There’s also the significant number of reviews that the dress has racked up over the past two years — 655 with a 4-out-of-5-star rating — which detail a host of reasons describing why it's such a must-have buy. Plentiful customer photos showcase the dress on a variety of body types, from petite to busty, and glowing customer feedback attests to the ease and flexibility of wear across the silhouette spectrum. “This dress looks good on EVERYONE,” wrote an Amazon reviewer named Shannon. “It's universally flattering and works no matter your body shape. I bought it after seeing it on my larger busted, larger framed friend. She looked amazing in it (although she always looks amazing) and although I wasn't sure it would be as flattering on me because of my smaller chest, it was excellent. It is very comfortable, well made, flowy, and feels elegant,” she continued. Reviewer Kay called it “a very flattering little dress,” elaborating that “[it] fit well on me and I could see it looking pretty on a wide range of people. The fabric is nice and light but opaque. It flows well without getting caught awkwardly on the body. ”

The fabric is nice and light but opaque. It flows well without getting caught awkwardly on the body. Very flattering little dress!

Amazon reviewer
We’re suckers for any dress that’s going to keep us feeling fresh as daises in the withering summer heat, and plenty of customers attested that it’s possible to keep your cool while sporting this breezy cotton-linen blend. “It’s been extremely warm and surprisingly it felt comfy to be in,” explained reviewer YodelHeyheeHoo. “I wore it to Trader Joe’s and grabbed a milk tea afterward and received compliments. It’s a sweet dress and I’m happy with my purchase! I hope it doesn’t shrink — the material is 80% cotton and 20% linen.” Reviewer Jodi Ruelle called the outfit “prairie chic” and wrote that “it performed well in 98-degree heat — I was as cool as I could have been and I [got] lots of compliments.” Customer Van Cleave explained: “I have gained weight and it’s a challenge to find things that fit well. This dress fits beautifully and is light and comfortable in hot weather.”

The skirt makes me want to twirl.

Amazon reviewer
There are also the inevitable comparisons to the “original” nap dress, which reviewer A. Cook summed up succinctly: “Certainly not a real HHH nap dress dupe, but I’m keeping it and will wear it!” (Fair enough.) Christina F. commented that it “[reminded her] of an Anthropologie or Free People style,” explaining that “fabric and [its drape] is just great, [and] the blue is a soft lineny blue. The sizing chart was right on. Perfect!” Customer K. White admitted: “I was hoping this would be a dupe for the [more] expensive nap dress and it totally worked. I get a ton of compliments every time I wear this. The fabric seems like fairly good quality, not see-through and breathable, the edges show the stitching instead of being turned in which actually seems to help with the flow. Love this dress!” No matter your approach to nap dressing this summer, we hope Amazon's $40 smocked frock makes you feel the way reviewer AJ does — who wrote simply in her review that “the skirt makes me want to twirl.”
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