Expressing Yourself Is A Journey — & It Deserves To Be Celebrated

Photographed By Natalia Mantini.
There's no question: The road to owning your identity isn’t an easy one. Like pretty much everything else on Earth, feeling confident enough in your own skin to express your truest self is something that happens over time, not overnight.
Expressing yourself is a journey — and no matter where you are in the process, we want to celebrate you and your undeniable bravery. Here at Refinery29, we believe that this internal self-realization deserves to be recognized — along with the role fashion, beauty, and wellness oftentimes play in helping us get there. That's why, in partnership with H&M, we present MyIdentity: a place with inspirational stories about people's paths to finding their most authentic selves and learning to feel confident sharing it with the world.
There are so many facets of identity; no one is just one label. Rather, we are the sum of many different parts. This year-long focus on identity is where we explore how the choices we make on the outside (think: the outfits we dream up and the beauty lewks we create) reflect what we’re feeling on the inside — and the challenges that arise trying to express our identity. It's true: Personal style is about so much more than just what clothes or lip color you wear — it’s a powerful form of self-expression that gives you the opportunity to show the world who you really are.
Welcome to MyIdentity. The road to owning your identity is rarely easy. In this yearlong program, we will celebrate that journey and explore how the choices we make on the outside reflect what we’re feeling on the inside — and the important role fashion and beauty play in helping people find and express who they are.
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