How To Wear Mules When You Love Ankle Support

I've tried backless shoes in the past. There were several thick, single-strap slides in the early aughts that I found myself slipping out of with every step. And, I specifically recall a pair of clogs in college that made me feel totally unstable without anything around my ankle, and consequently, I regretted each time I wore them. Those stayed tucked in my closet for two years before getting donated. So, when mules began to have a big moment recently, my first reaction was, uh uh.
Despite how it sounds, I really like mules. They look effortless, sleek, and sexy; but, mostly on other people. So, in an effort to avoid any more soles just collecting dust in my closet, I've become something of an ankle-support devotee.
Maybe someday I'll be able to glide gracefully and comfortably in shoes that don't have a back, but for now, I'm okay with stocking my closet with heel-supporting options. However, that's not to say I'm sitting this of-the-moment trend out completely. And, I don't have to, either.
As popular as mules are, there are just as many ankle-strapped sole sisters that are equally as covetable. I did the legwork to prove it, and even managed to keep my shoes on my feet.

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