My Fake Baby & Me: A Hypothetical Love Story

I don't have a kid, and I sure don't want one anytime soon. But, if a baby or child ever visits the R29 office, my desk is the first stop on that tot's tour. Kids: I just get them. And, they get me. We click — instantly. My target demographic is usually below the age of seven. We laugh, we eat candy, I teach them how to play ping pong. Then, their parents get out of their meetings and I go back to my desk and ask the kids to write me whenever they can. You know, in a few years. When they learn how.
Anyways, lately, I've been ogling babies more than usual. There's something about getting bundled up that is just so adorable when you're three. But, the baby imagery doesn't stop on Mercer Street — where the kids are in shoes much more chic than mine. Online, designers like Phillip Lim and mega-fashion brands like Zara are making threads to let kids' clothes live up to the adults buying them. Little, mini, baby clothes that look just like grown-up clothes. The mother-daughter matchy-matchy thing has been around for ages. It just never registered before that you don't have to be part of The Brady Bunch or the Von Trapp Family to own the same dress as your kid. Again: I don't have a kid. I don't want one any time soon. And, even if and when I have said child, I don't think I'll want to match him or her. Still, I just can't resist the idea of a pink cardigan in a normal size and then a little, itty-bitty one for a toddler. (Should I get a pregnancy test? Do I sound insane?) Ahead, a roundup of kids' clothes that have grown-up counterparts. You know, for people who actually have children.

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