The Most Popular Fonts For Your Next Typography Tattoo

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
These days, immortalizing a significant phrase, date, or word with a tattoo is about as common as getting your ears pierced at Claire's. But unlike heavier designs of the past, the newest iterations are fine and dainty, thanks to thinner tattoo needles which allow for more precision.
According to NYC tattoo artist Christopher Vasquez, he's seen a huge uptick in the amount of line script requests — thanks in part to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. The two most popular fonts? Typewriter and cursive.
"I love fine line script," adds NYC-based tattoo artist Evan Kim."People may think it's easy, but fine line work is actually quite challenging because it's hard to get a precise, very thin line."
Thinking of getting a mini masterpiece etched onto the back of your arm? Ahead, check out our favorite iterations of the two most popular tattoo fonts.


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