This New Minimalist Jewelry Trend Isn’t What You’d Expect

Barely there jewelry — think delicate stacking rings, simple lariat necklaces, and minimalist chokers — is everywhere you look. And it makes sense: wearing the same little pieces every single day is part of our routine, our aesthetic, or personal style. Plus, it's more low-maintenance and requires way less thought than having to select baubles that coordinate with all your different looks.
But, as attached as you might be to your daily studs, we're starting to see a shift in ear parties. And though it might seem like an oxymoron, a minimalist take on the chandelier earring is officially taking over. Sure, they're certainly larger and less "naked" than the teeny-tiny adornments you've become used to lately — but the standout factor is that they're all still clean-lined and geometric. Here, there's no overload of crystals, sparkles, colors, swirls, or flowers, so wearing them just as often as you would your favorite understated items is just as easy, but with twice the impact. Click on to see what we mean, and shop this new wave of wear-everyday jewels for yourself.