How To Wear Pink Every. Single. Day. Seriously

Sometimes we wish we could put a filter on everything. Wouldn't the subway feel so much better if seen through a Valencia lens? Blogger Kailey Flyte took this desire into her own hands in a true instance of "art imitates life" — art being a colored filter. In this particular case, the Portland-based Mermaidens blogger lives life à la Édith Piaf. From her dyed tresses to the contents of her beauty cabinet, Kailey's entire existence is tinted pink. But, make no mistake: Kailey is anything but monotone.
At only 20-years-old, Kailey pulls triple blogging duties: Mermaidens is home to all of her pink-hued musings, while she also shares her illustrations and makeup inspirations elsewhere. But, it's the social extension of her first franchise, @mermaidens, that has us mesmerized.
To take the time to Instagram is one thing, but to pull filters from cyberspace and thrust them into the real world is a completely different ball game —that's where Kailey is M.V.P. We love Kailey's all-pink account in particular because it's not aggressively bubblegum — rather, it's a collection of pastels that come together on the aesthetic playground of Instagram, thanks to the careful eye of one seriously stylish blogger. Click through to see Kailey's real-life rendition of la vie en rose.

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