Help! What Do I Wear To Meet The Parents For the Holidays?

Unless an A-line dress and pearls are your go-to (and power to you if they are), navigating the waters of what you should wear when meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can be, well, choppy. The irrational tailspin and panic of hoping they deem you a worthy parter for your other half can block any reminders that they're looking forward to meeting you, not your clothing.
But while you’re there to knock 'em dead with your amazing personality, first impressions, by nature, do stick. We're all up to speed on the general set of rules to adhere to when diving into the process: minimal cleavage, nothing too tight, save the bold colors and patterns for a later date. Skipping over your leather mini skirt, however, doesn't mean dressing like a nun. It's all about finding a balance between keeping up with your fashion-forward taste while also keeping things subtle until you get to know them better.
Calm your fears with four first meeting scenarios ahead. From a quick coffee to their annual company dinner, we've pulled together some helpful advice in how to dress to win over your S.O.'s parents' hearts. You've got this!

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