12 Reasons To Give The Maxi-Dress A Chance

As this week's forecast has confirmed, summer is officially here. And while we're certainly thrilled with the abundance of sunshine and vibrant energy that comes with longer days and too many outdoor activities to count, when it comes to getting dressed for said events in said weather, we more often than not find ourselves crashing against a wall.
Wearing pants, we wonder: Am I going to be too hot? In shorts or a skirt comes the air-conditioned office dilemma: Will I be freezing all day long? That's when a dress — specifically a longline maxi — comes in handy. Though it may come as a surprise, maxi-dresses actually check off more boxes on our list of requirements: While you're covered up (hello, work appropriate!), you're wearing something airy and versatile (day or night, weekday or weekend). Not to mention, the whole getting dressed in the morning process becomes exponentially easier with a one-and-done piece.
Click through to shop the maxi-dresses we'll be wearing all summer long — because it's about time you gave this so-simple trend a try.