14 New York Women Spill Their Tips For Career Domination

Like many other female accomplishments, breaking professional boundaries and rising to the top (particularly when it's least expected) should not only be praised, but be celebrated. Especially when the obstacles women are forced to overcome don't just encompass interview woes and scary bosses — they include wage gaps and gender bias, particularly in industries (such as finance, tech, and engineering) that are still skewed so heavily towards men.
These 14 New York female powerhouses in particular have taken male-dominated industries by the reins and proven that anything guys can do, women can do better. They've risen to the top of their respective fields, kicking gender stereotypes in the workplace to the curb and seriously inspiring us along the way. Want to know just how they've beat the odds? Ahead, they dish on overcoming their field's difficulties, becoming majorly successful, and defeating their industry at its own game.