24-Year-Old Madonna Lands Magazine Cover, Shares It With Britney

We just peeped Out magazine's April 2011 Madonna cover, and for a second time, we're impressed. Last week, we saw Britney's own April edition—indeed, the two share the honors for this pretty epic flip cover. While Brit-Brit's is fresh, Madonna's version is a shot taken of her at age 24 by photographer Richard Corman in 1982, just a year before she became mega-famous. Out features a whole bunch of the snaps Corman took of the singer in her NYC walk-up, including ones of the Material Girl dancing with neighborhood kids—apparently a regular thing for her. And, in a move we can believe, she served Corman "a cup of coffee on a silver tray with three pieces of Bazooka bubblegum." Interestingly enough, in the same issue Britney claims Madonna was her idol, saying "she's an amazing entertainer." Guys, any chance we could do a remake of "Me Against The Music?"
Click over to Out to see the all the photos, and check our mini-gallery too!

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