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14 L.A. Swim Lines You Need To Know (& The Killer Suits To Buy Now!)

Now that summer is officially here (peace out, marine layer!), we SoCal gals have some serious business to attend to — stock up on SPF 30, make a date with our waxing ladies, and, most importantly, take stock of our swimsuit situations. See, in some parts of the world, a girl can get away with pulling out her trusty black bikini year after year, but here in L.A., a complete swim wardrobe is a necessity. Think about it: you wouldn’t throw on the same suit to lounge on a hotel’s rooftop as you would for a backyard pool party, nor would you repeat the same look for a beach date as for beach volleyball. And, that’s not even including your destination-specific swimwear needs — Vegas, Palm Springs, Mexico…
If all of this is enough to make you want to down one of those fishbowl-sized margaritas, we get it, and we’ve brought in reinforcements — some of our favorite L.A.-based swimwear designers. Who better than a local to understand exactly what we need in terms of fit, function, and style? So clear some space in your closet and click through to see which suits should be high on your shopping list this year.