Inside The Closets Of 6 L.A. Bloggers

Fashion bloggers are often accused of dishing up TMI: After all, they show us photographs of their breakfast, talk about the polish colors they're considering for their next manicure, and give us frequent and thorough recaps of the previous night out. Yet, somehow — regardless of whether or not you follow them on Instagram, or how often you check their Facebook updates — they always retain an air of mystery. And, most of us want to know still more about them. How did they get started? Who takes their photos? How many days in advance do they plan their outfits?
Our questions may vary, but there's one thing we're all interested in: the size (and contents of) their closets. Ahead, we explore the closets of six of L.A.'s up-and-coming bloggers — from a walk-in to an actual warehouse.