Meet The New (Cooler) Way To Wear Leather

Snap. Crackle. Pop. Three words engrained in our memories since childhood. But, it’s the middle one we can’t get out of our heads today — and not because we just devoured a bowl of Rice Krispies (although, we must admit to having a full stock of the cereal in R29 HQ). No, it's because that bursting, crumpled effect just landed in our closets.
That’s right: Wrinkled and rumpled leather has officially made its way onto everything from statement-making heels to office-perfect dresses. Imagine an art project gone horribly wrong yet turning out totally right. So, it you’re ready to ditch your perfectly smooth leather for something a bit more crumply cool (yes, we just made that a thing), then shop these 10 crinkled-leather must-buys. And, get ready to be the raddest chick in school work — err, everywhere.