Couture Alert! Here’s A Sneak Peek At LACMA’s New Gasp-Worthy Collection

Even if you scored a Céline Luggage Tote under the tree, you can bet no one was more elated this holiday season than LACMA! A benefactress who clearly has a die-to-get-inside closet has gifted our beloved museum with a sweeping collection of 158 new couture items from the klieg-light couturiers in all of French fashion's rich history. Ellen A. Michelson benevolently bestowed a boatload of opulent gowns and day garb by Chanel, Vionnet, LaCroix, McQueen, Poiret, Madame Grès, and the list goes on.
Spanning from 1880 to 2008 and assembled by the acclaimed Dominique Sirop (he worked hand-in-hand with YSL, Givenchy, and Hanae Mori), the pieces will now bulk up the museum's Costume and Textiles Department, which is already at 25,000-item hoarder status — not to mention strengthen L.A.'s growing rep as a true fashion hub. Trust us, this extravagance will be enough reason to cancel any brunch, shopping expedition, or even hot date when it hits those Wilshire walls. Peruse through our mini-gallery now to get your fix until you can ogle it all in person (stay tuned on the exhibition info!).
Photo: Copyright © 2012, Museum Associates, LACMA All Rights Reserved