Go West! Is Los Angeles The New Frontier For Fashion?

Can you believe that L.A. — the city that gave the world the gift of terry cloth tracksuits over a decade ago — is now doling out designs from the likes of Rodarte, Band of Outsiders, and Tom Binns? High-fashion folks are setting up shop in our sunny city, and it ain't just because of our endless summer! Fashionista wrote up a lengthy, thought-provoking essay (1,816 words to be exact!) on Tinseltown's progressive rise to style stardom, and ponders whether the City of Angels is possibly on its way to Paris or Milan status. The conclusion? Yes — but on our own terms (duh!).
While many fashion-inclined folks decide to pack their bags for the Big Apple, numerous designers, stylists, photogs, and other industry pros have been going against the grain, settling down near the sand. L.A. may not have Fashion Week, but it has space to spare — something other cities are seriously lacking. It also has a killer and booming art scene, factories for production, and a creative vibe that's one-of-a-kind. You can't find our laid-back, Cali-cool character anywhere else!
When you have a spare second (it is Summer Friday), make sure to read the entire write-up. To us, the most fascinating thing may be the fact that five years ago, this convo would've never taken place. But, in 2012 — on the heels of the recent news of Hedi Slimane taking up residence and John Galliano potentially making Lala Land home — L.A. is quickly becoming a fashion force to be reckoned with. To which we say: We told you so! (Fashionista)
Photo: Via Fashionista

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