The 4 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In L.A.

Look, we love Instagram. Like, take a break from work to check our feeds every hour 10 minutes love it. But, even the most fashionable foodie with a nostalgic bend can run out of ideas for adding to the annals of #OOTDs, #noms, and #TBTs.
If you're sorely in need of some visual inspiration, we highly suggest checking out Los Angeles-based photographer Kimberly Geneviève's Instagram feed. Her photos, which showcase a perennially sunny city bursting with riotous color, breathtaking views, and heart-stopping architecture, will have you grabbing your camera and hopping into your car — or a plane — immediately.
And, once you're there, Geneviève can help you figure out how to navigate L.A. in a way that will earn you record Likes. We asked her to weigh in on the city's most photogenic spots, which she shared along with some of her #selfie-ready outfits, featuring her favorite pieces from Coach's latest collection. Ahead, get inspired by her picture-perfect restaurants, boutiques, and retreats — don’t say we didn’t warn you about the FOMO.