No One Knew Kanye Was Bringing Kim To The Chanel Artist Awards Dinner

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are so not trying to pull the wool over our eyes anymore. On Monday they were seen holding hands as they arrived together for the opening of Scott Disick's NYC restaurant (promise, we will never, ever eat there). However, while meeting the parents and holding hands in public is totally something we do with our friends, too (you know, the ones we're secretly dating), Kanye made it pretty evident that he's got an official plus one when he showed up to the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artist Awards Program Dinner at Odeon in Tribeca with Kim in tow.
According to guests inside the restaurant, Yeezy's date to the Tribeca Film Festival fête was not only a surprise for the public, but for everyone behind the scenes, as well. Sure, we hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but when Kim Kardashian makes an unexpected arrival at the Chanel party, we're sure that arrangements are seamlessly made to accommodate Kanye's special lady. What a way to krash the party. (Celebuzz)
Photo: Via Celebuzz

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