Try Out The Khaki Comeback With A Not So Girly “Little Tan Skirt”

Photographed by The Styleograph.
Cargo pants are one of those articles of clothing that can never seem to make a convincing case for their relevance. Often baggy, and in a murky shade of tan, khakis are like the "fetch" of clothing: something we should just stop trying to make happen.
But it's 2016, and these bottoms are, once again, attempting to make a comeback, and so we've got no choice but to think: Is there actually a way to make them work? The answer is yes — sort of. Give the hue a try, but ditch the trouser silhouette for a more feminine (but not too girly) iteration that maintains some of its utilitarian origins. Specifically, take the "little tan skirt" out for a twirl. It may sound ultra-ladylike, but with the right cuts and pairings, it actually feels way more badass. Need further proof? The four variations ahead have us ready to add a little khaki into our lives.

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