These Kegel Weights Will Give Your Vagina A Workout

You might already lift weights in the gym, but did you know that you can also use weights in your vagina to give your pelvic floor a workout, too? There are many different kinds of weights and accessories you can use for Kegel exercises. Some of them are simply small balls of different weights, while other devices are so hi-tech you can play a video game by squeezing your vagina.
Doing Kegel exercises, whether with weights or without, can help control urinary incontinence, lessen pelvic floor pain, and even make orgasms feel more intense. They’re particularly helpful for those who have given birth vaginally, which can weaken the pelvic floor.
A recent scientific review of 23 trials found that no clear difference in results for cis women who used vaginal weights for Kegel exercises and those who practiced another form of pelvic floor therapy. However, some people find that using weights can make doing Kegels easier to complete (they can also feel great for some). Discussing the review in the New York Times, Jen Gunter, MD, writes, “If the idea of weights appeals to you (some women love tools and devices), then they are fine to try.”
Interested? Here’s a few options to get you started.

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