This New Device Promises To Give Your Vagina A Workout

kegelsPhoto: Courtesy Of Minna Life.
Have you done your Kegels today? Even if you’re working out on a regular basis, you may be neglecting some very important muscles: the ones that make up your pelvic floor. Kegels are often prescribed to pregnant women to prep for childbirth, but the clench-and-release moves will improve any woman’s health — and sex life. The basics: Think of your pelvic floor as a hammock made up of muscles and tissues; it's hanging out at the base of your pelvis, keeping your reproductive organs in place.
So, if your pelvic floor is weak, you may suffer from back or pelvic pain, reduced bladder control, and even lackluster sex. But, fear not — our friends at Women’s Health report that a device called the "kGoal" is here to start a “revolution in pelvic floor health.” Minna Life, the company behind this new smartphone-linked device, is now gathering funds on Kickstarter to make their Kegels system a reality.

How it works: The kGoal is like a squishy, squeezable pillow you insert into your vagina. It also has an arm that stays outside your body to hold the thing in place. A smartphone app communicates with the device while it’s inside of you, guiding your workout and measuring how hard you're squeezing. Intrigued? Click through for the full story on how this FitBit-for-your-vag may be your workout routine’s missing component.
(Women's Health)

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