The Best Kegel Balls On The Internet

Kegel balls, also known as Ben-Wa balls, have enjoyed a lot of visibility in the past few years thanks to a notable appearances in Fifty Shades Darker. These weighted balls are meant to be inserted into the vagina. Once they're inserted, you can squeeze them for about five seconds at a time, with five second breaks; or you can wear them without squeezing for up to four to six hours.
Using Kegel balls helps strengthen the pelvic floor. As the name indicates, wearing them has a similar effect as doing Kegels, because your pelvic floor muscles are naturally working to keep them inserted. Stronger pelvic floor muscles leads to many benefits, from more intense orgasms to fighting urinary incontinence — and potentially making childbirth easier.
Along with strengthening your pelvic floor, Kegel balls can also be a turn-on. Whether you’re using them for pelvic floor exercise or as a sex toy — or both — to use Kegel balls, simply insert them into your vagina (use lube). To remove them, lightly pull the string they’re attached to, or if there’s no string, you can crouch and squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out.
A few safety notes: even though they look like anal beads, they’re not safe to insert into your anus because they don’t have a flared base. You should remove them before peeing. As with all sex toys, make sure you’re cleaning them after every use, and consult with a doctor if you experience any pain.
Here, we’ve rounded up some highly-reviewed Kegel balls from sex toy sites across the internet.

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