The Odd Couple: Snoop Dogg & Karl Lagerfeld Team Up For A Music Vid

Truth be told, it’s rare to find us actually shocked when Uncle Karl does or says something zany. It’s kind of regular practice now, no? Sure, we’ll raise an eyebrow here, or gasp a little there (whether he’s designing helicopters or spewing controversial convo) — but to make us stand up and say WTF? — well, that’s a whole different story. But, we’re going to hand it to the guy, this time we’re wowed.
The Chanel creative director, along with Snoop Dogg, made a star-studded appearance in a music video. All we can ask is... why? Apparently, French singer Jean-Roch rounded up both Karl and Snoop for a can’t-miss cameo in his video (Snoop actually waxes pretty poetic), “Saint Tropez.” And the Kaiser went for it.
But we're going to be straight with you: This is the best thing we’ve seen all week. It’s a bit of a mind warp to see the two totally different dudes in the same scene. Peep the awesome video (and mildly catchy song) above, and see for yourself. And then, to the comments with your thoughts. (Telegraph)
Video: Via YouTube

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