Jenna Dewan Tatum Just Shared Her #1 Gym Essential

Jenna Dewan Tatum is one of those celebrities who seemingly does it all. She’s a mega-talented movie star, television host, producer, dancer, and a wife and mama, too. Suffice it to say, she's always hustling from one thing to the next. So with a major amount of time spent on the move, it’s a given that comfort is a top priority; as the multi-hyphenate knows firsthand, when you're running from a set or a dance studio to preschool pickup, nothing kills your vibe faster than a too-tight dress or 4-inch heels.
"When I had my daughter," she tells us, "I suddenly had a baby, a diaper bag, and 14 milk bottles to carry around, so whatever I put on had to be comfortable and cute." It makes sense, then, that Dewan Tatum would turn to Danskin's latest assortment of activewear and loungewear as the foundation to endless casual-cool outfits that can go from work (or workout) to whatever. Full of leggings in graphic prints and textures — her self-proclaimed "favorite things in the world" — breathable T-shirts, and strappy sports bras, with cutout leotards and cozy hoodies sprinkled in between, it has fashion-meets-function written all over it.
To celebrate the new drop, we caught up with Dewan Tatum — who is the face of the brand — to find out how she keeps her athleisure look fresh, her secret to keeping a healthy balance of work and play, and her take on the current fascination with all things dance. See what she has to say, below.
First, tell us what was most compelling about working with Danskin?
"I want to make and do things with a purpose, so for me to represent a brand, it has to feel authentic to who I am and what I genuinely love, and I genuinely love Danskin products. I grew up wearing them — I actually wore a black Danskin leotard to my first dance class when I was 5 years old — so this partnership, which involves everything from giving input on the creative for the campaign shoots to feedback on the product itself, was really a dream come true."
What qualities are important to you in workout clothes?
"I'm a busy mom whose days often involve taking my daughter to school and then getting business meetings and personal errands and a workout in before pickup. So I value pieces that are not only high-quality and moisture-wicking but also stylish and comfortable."
So we take it you're a fan of athletic gear as day wear?
"I remember the days when I vowed to wear heels all day, even with a kid. But when I had my daughter, I knew that wouldn't happen. I suddenly had a baby, a diaper bag, and 14 milk bottles to carry around, so whatever I put on had to be comfortable and cute and something I could wear straight from a workout class to dinner. Dankin's leggings are my favorite things in the world because they look really good with everything. If I don't have time to change before dinner, I'll put on a pair of heels or boots, switch up my outerwear, and add earrings. I also love pairing leotards, like the laser-cut leotard, with high-waisted jeans."
Do you try to get in a sweat session every day?
"I try to live a healthy lifestyle, which means getting in a workout when I can. I love Pilates and yoga, because they make my body and my mind feel great, but my favorite activity is, of course, anything that involves dance. It’s been a part of my life for so long, and now that I have this partnership, I’ve been re-immersed in the dance world and it’s been amazing."
Speaking of dance... Dance-cardio classes, competition shows, and even new genres — e.g. hiplet — are riding a wave of popularity right now. What's your take?
"I believe dance is a relatable art form that is highly entertaining, whether you have trained in it or not. It makes you feel something as you watch it, and it's easy to be inspired by a great performance. It can be emotional, jaw-dropping, sexy — or even all of that at once."
Dancers aren't always recognized as athletes. Do you feel like that POV is finally shifting?
"There is a feeling of respect from the entire world towards dancers right now that is so deserved. Dancers are hardworking, passionate athletes, dedicated to their craft, and it's time the world gives them credit where credit is due. That's where World Of Dance really shines. I believe it's raising the bar for dancers in every way, offering broader and worldwide awareness and the opportunity to be seen on a grand level."
Do you feel pressure to be on top of your fitness game at all times because you're on camera?
"There's a certain element of my career that makes awareness inevitable. There is pressure everywhere, but I've found that the trick is to let go of the perfectionism and find joy in it all — or you will just drive yourself mad. And listen to your body. If I need a break, I take it. I've learned the hard way that burning the candle at both ends never ends well."
As someone who has an incredibly hectic schedule, what advice do you have for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
"Balancing is a never-ending juggling act. Following my joy is a big barometer for what projects I choose and where I decide to spend my time. If it lights me up and feels challenging yet also fun, I'm generally in. From there, I just try to do the best I can and keep my priorities straight. Family first, always."

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