“I Spent $2,580 On A Purse”: 30 Women On Their Biggest Fashion Buy

It's almost the one-year anniversary of our voyeuristic look into the wallets of millennial women via Money Diaries, and it's safe to say that most people spend a good chunk of their paychecks on food. But when it comes to one's closet, the numbers vary wildly, with purchases ranging from a $20 Old Navy cardigan to a $198 Anthropologie dress to even bigger-ticket purchases.
The closets of millennial women really span the gamut in terms of monetary value. How much is too much for a working woman these days? And how do we juggle our wardrobe needs, desire to be creative and expressive via our clothing choices, and the necessity of sticking to a budget?
So we decided to see just how women these days manage their clothing purchases. Ahead, 30 millennial women spill on the most expensive item in their wardrobes — in the context of what they would normally spend on everyday basics. As a note: These women come from all over the U.S. (and some are abroad), work in a variety of industries (some are in fashion, as noted), and have a variety of salaries. Ahead, a fascinating look at the "splurges" that modern working women believe are worth their hard-earned money.

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