Here's Some Outfit Inspiration For The Days You Have "Nothing To Wear"

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy.
Have you ever fallen down a shopping rabbit hole? You know, when one awesome brand leads you to another with a similar aesthetic, and then another, and then another? That's basically what happens when we shop on Tictail. Every two weeks, we'll be teaming up with the site—which makes it easy to discover emerging brands from around the world—to unearth a selection of brands you probably don't know about, but definitely should. Prepare to open a LOT of browser tabs.
We know that we tend to take the fact that we can wear the same thing to the office as we would on the weekend for granted. But, we also know that in some industries, that's not always the case — and in more corporate settings, things like sheer tops and miniskirts still don't really fly. So, when we find someone who's able to balance their own personal aesthetic with a strict dress code, we're not just impressed — we're inspired.
Micaéla Verrelien, an accountant by day and style star by night 24/7, has a bold, unique sense for putting fun outfits together, regardless of what's deemed "office appropriate." Sure, she may crunch numbers for a living, but one look at her Instagram and you'd swear she lives for fashion (which, well, she totally does). And, with a vision this special, you know she's not wearing the same brands as everyone else.
"[On Tictail], I can find pieces that I don’t see everyone wearing, which I love," she tells Refinery29 of her go-to shopping destination. "I am not always into trends, and Tictail has so many statement pieces that allow me to feel different each time I wear them. Plus, I like supporting emerging designers because they create with their hearts; they don’t just make pieces based on the trends everyone else is replicating."
Ahead, Verrelien shows off some of her favorite finds. If you feel like you've exhausted all your summer style options, allow these looks to reinspire.

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