Fanny Packs & 4 Other Trends Taking Over

We love a perennial spring classic as much as the next person — be it a bold floral, powdery pastel, or light-wash pair of denim. What we don't love? Walking down the street and spotting a half-dozen replicas of our outfit. That's why this season, we're resolving to push beyond the mainstream and discover the next wave of trends that won't show up on everyone else — at least not yet.
To break through the spring clichés, we looked to the new crop of product in stores now. One such spot that's delivering the goods is Kenneth Cole. There we found satiny slime-color pops, embellished graphics to one-up the logo-mania trend, and trenched outerwear that will surely replace the standard moto jacket. To get these pieces into your wardrobe stat, we fashioned full outfits around each hero to fully bring 'em to life. Consider the styles ahead the definitive '18 trends you never knew you needed.