4 Practical Ways To Tie Your Much-Ignored Scarves

Photographed by Emma Craft.
A scarf is one of those items that has so much potential, but most of the time ends up sitting in your closet, waiting for that day when you finally decide to get creative enough to put it to use. Think of all the little special ones you’ve collected over the years: the vintage one you scored at that random flea market, the one you added to your Zara cart just to meet the free shipping minimum, the one your grandma gave you that still smells a little bit like her...
Scarves can be really great investment pieces, too. Take the obvious example: Hèrmes. Its pieces cost a couple hundred dollars, but their quality and versatility justify the price tag — that is, if you actually take advantage of it. If you’re going to commit to buying a scarf from a luxury brand, you better be prepared to put it to good use, right? That’s why we’re here to show you some fresh, unexpected ways to wear one — whether it’s one you already own or one you’re saving up for.
When Hermès popped up in New York City with a concept shop full of scarves ready to dye and personalize, we had to take them up on a chance to play around with a few. And, once we got our hands on them, our minds were brimming with ways to incorporate these special pieces of fabric into our daily looks. Ahead, you'll find a little scarf dress-up session that'll hopefully inspire you to take yours out for a spin. (Oh, and if you think ways to wear it that we didn’t, let us know in the comments below — because we have a feeling the options are endless).
Special thanks to Hermès for hosting us at the Hermèsmatic pop-up experience in New York City.

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