Leopard Print Is A Neutral — Here’s 23 Ways To Style It In 2024

For some of us, our enchantment with leopard print began as soon as we could dress ourselves — from the leopard leggings we showed off to schoolmates to the spotted denim we now incorporate into our adult wardrobes. Though we may have gone through periods of ditching the print in favor of more fleeting trends (curse you, minimalism) we’ve always welcomed leopard print back with open arms and maintained the fact it simply cannot go out of style. (Yes, me. I’m talking about me.)
However, for others, this enchantment has only begun at the outset of 2024. Recently, TikTokers and Vogue alike have declared a “leopard print revival.” Following the popularity of more understated trends like quiet luxury, leopard print offers a bolder (and more fun) addition to our wardrobes. In line with the character-driven aesthetic culture that has defined the last few years of fashion, the print has now been boxed into various trends such as “mob wife” and “rockstar girlfriend.” And with recent celeb backers like Emily Ratajkowski, who rang in the new year with a leopard print slip, and Rosamund Pike, who wore not one, not two, but three leopard print styles on her Saltburn press tour, the stars are aligned for leopard-print to become a phenomenon yet again.
But, ICYMI, leopard print has *constantly* been looped back into the trend cycle for several years. Throughout all of 2023, the print was steadily trending, thanks to its presence on both seasons’ runways, including Stella McCartney and Versace for autumn/winter. In 2020, the fever dream that was Tiger King spurred a renewed interest in animal prints of all kinds. One might even recall the popularity of the — ultra-specific — leopard midi skirt in 2019, prompting a viral Instagram account to share user-submitted photos of the skirt spotted out in the wild (puns intended). 
The devil works hard, but the leopard print’s PR works harder. In the past few weeks alone, Pinterest searches for “leopard print” have increased by 100 percent, according to our in-house analytics team. In the shops, long-time leopard print retailers like Ganni and Damson Madder are selling out of their most popular styles. 
If you’re ready to hop on the wild side (or add to your already boisterously spotted wardrobe) here are 24 ways to wear leopard print as a neutral in 2024 — and many years to come.

Leopard Print Tights

Start off strong by incorporating the print as a literal second skin. Pair with neutral layers for a pop of fun, or other prints for a playful print-clash.

Leopard Print Trainers

These Adidas Sambas, designed in collaboration with British label Wales Bonner, are a leopard print dream.

Leopard Print Tote Bag

New adopters to the trend might feel more comfortable with an animal-print accessory, like this laptop-friendly bag.

Leopard Print Belt

Another way to subtly show your spots. For the more daring, pair with bold bottoms like patent trousers or flared jeans.

Leopard Print Midi Skirt

A timeless piece that will smash its cost-per-wear.

Leopard Print Jeans

These may be hard to come by. Keep an eye out for re-stocks!

Leopard Print Sports Bra

I recently saw someone wearing leopard print in the gym and you can say I was influenced.

Leopard Print Mittens

Who says you can’t be trendy in winter?

Leopard Print Turtleneck

Leopard print can make anything appropriate for a night out. Bonus tip: Layer over your trusted thermals for winter.

Leopard Print Trench Coat

Perhaps the best demonstration of leopard print as a neutral yet.

Leopard Print Vest

Lean into the ‘rockstar girlfriend’ aesthetic with this Y2K slay (as they say).

Leopard Print Mini Dress

Take your leopard print mini, pair it with sheer tights and your fave ankle boots…and voila. Chef’s kiss.

Leopard Print Cardigan

Just like a turtleneck, a leopard print cardigan will up the fun on an everyday ‘fit. 

Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

A staple for your "mob wife" era.

Leopard Print Co-ord

Sometimes when you go in, you gotta go all in.

Leopard Print Slip Dress

Slip dresses are trans-seasonal.

Leopard Print Loafers

To those who love their all-black outfits: Printed kicks are the one.

Leopard Print Jumpsuit

One and done!

Leopard Print Bucket Hat

Guaranteed to make a statement. 

Leopard Print Handbag

Coach wouldn't make a bag in leopard print if they didn't think it was timeless.

Leopard Print Pyjamas

Just like wearing perfume to bed, treating yourself to stylish pyjamas is a form of self-love in our book.

Leopard Print Trim

If you prefer your print in more subtle places, opt for a piece with a leopard print trim.

Literal Leopard Print

We really can’t get enough. 

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