5 Ways To Wear Fringe NOW

Fringe is always an eye-catcher. Whether it's on the sleeves of a leather jacket or subtly accenting the hem of a skirt, the long strands dance with every gentle breeze. The style is ideal for weekend dressing: relaxed, effortlessly cool, and incredibly fun (as anyone who's ever twirled around in a fringed skirt can attest).
And, there are many ways to rock the fringe without looking like you strolled in from the Wild, Wild West. Just look at Instagram's best dressed, who are constantly working the detail into their wardrobe in new and unexpected ways. While the fringed-sleeve jacket will never go out of style, a clutch with long, suede strips is giving it a run for its money. Ahead, see five outfits that'll make you rethink the classic trend — and want to wear it out, stat.

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