L.A. It-Girl Hair: 3 Easy, Gorgeous Ways

It's officially August, and that means the end of summer is looming on the horizon. But that doesn't mean the sun is setting on one of L.A.'s favorite hairstyles: beach waves. We admit, it may be far easier (and more enjoyable) to accomplish the hot-weather favorite with an actual beach under your feet. However, rocking this look well into fall is easy sans surf — as long as you know what you're doing.
For an expert how-to, we tapped red carpet Hollywood hairstylist Ryan Richman. The L.A. local knows a thing or two about the subject — he gives clients such as Lorde, Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland, and the sisters of Haim enviable waves that range from subtle to messy to glamorous. Of course, picking which one of these variations to learn was nearly impossible, so we asked for all three.
And the perfect model to rock these looks? None other than Becky Hearn (or Becky Bunz, if you follow her on Instagram). A true L.A. creative multi-hyphenate, she's one of the forces behind unisex clothing line NoonGoons, freelances for multiple brands across the fashion landscape in L.A., and loaned us her enviable head of hair for the shoot.
Ahead, Richman walks us through three different versions of SoCal's raddest style. Pull up a beach towel seat and prepare to be schooled in the art of beach waves.