Chances Are, You’re Applying Your Liquid Lipstick Wrong

When liquid lipsticks burst onto the main stage a few years ago, it was as though all our long-wear prayers had been answered. These fluid formulas have the opacity of traditional lipsticks, but last even longer, and most (but not all) tend to come with a matte, budge-proof finish. We no longer needed to do constant touch-ups using our phone's reverse camera; we could kiss, eat, drink, even get caught in a rain shower without an umbrella (take my word for it) and not need to worry about a smeared mess.
Since liquid lipsticks have risen to beauty fame, just about every brand — from Milani to Kat Von D — has created its own version of the popular product. And, of course, Kylie Jenner has played one of the biggest roles in their success. But despite their ubiquity, liquid lipsticks aren't the most intuitive to use — they require their own beauty education. So, in an effort to demystify the magic sticks, we asked two professional makeup artists to share their best practices for wearing these formulas. Sure, it's not as easy as swiping on a balm, but it's well worth the extra effort.

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