The Hollywood Dermatologists’ Guide To Sun Protection

If you want a good steak, you go to a steak house. Craving authentic pho? Only a Vietnamese restaurant will do. So when it comes to skin protection, who better to weigh in than the top derms practicing in the land of perpetual sun and surf? After all, the sun's out almost every day here, so Angeleno docs take sun protection very seriously.
With summer's longer days being filled with more outdoor activities, it's the perfect time to refresh your SPF knowledge and stock up on the best sunscreens on the market.
To help you accomplish this, we chatted with four of Hollywood's top dermatologists, all of whom have thriving practices and celebrity patients (even if many of these have to keep their A-list roster under lock and key because of privacy laws). Ahead, expect tips for everything from picking an SPF for acne-prone skin to properly layering sunscreen with other skin-care staples. Plus, product suggestions for different skin types and concerns.