Everything You Need For Better Holiday Travels

The busiest travel day of the year — the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving — is fast approaching. Overcrowded airports and jam-packed bus terminals will be the name of the game come November 26. Sadly, teleportation doesn't exist yet. So, you'll be faced with the usual options: planes, trains, and automobiles. Whether you're flying across the country to visit your S.O.'s family or catching a train homeward, you have to get to your destination somehow — along with crying babies, endless delays, traffic jams, and swarms of people infringing upon your personal space.
But, there is a way to make your journey just as enjoyable and exciting as what's waiting at the other end. (Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but we can dream, right?) Ahead, we rounded up 12 essentials to make traveling during the holidays a million times more bearable. Bon voyage!