Fixie Up, Look Sharp: H&M’s Latest Collab Will Surprise You

Oh look, the Swedish retail giant has got a new collaboration up its sleeve. This time around, it’s neither an international design heavyweight nor an A-list celeb — it’s an East London bike vendor. H&M has teamed up with fixed-gear hipster shop, Brick Lane Bikes, to design good-looking functional cycling gear for men.
H&M apparently approached Brick Lane Bikes because London represents the heart of the international fixed-gear movement (for the uninitiated, riding a fixie basically means that what you lack in gears and brakes, you gain in speed and aesthetics).
The 11-piece collection has been designed by H&M, but tested and approved by Brick Lane Bikes’ staff, so we can assume the results will be pretty sound. The aim is to blend style and function so that riders look respectable on and off their wheels (no easy task, in our experience). Oh, and the pieces will be created from eco-friendly materials like recycled cotton and polyester to reflect the sustainability of cycling itself.
The collection will launch on March 7, 2013 in approximately 180 stores worldwide, as well as online. And while this is all well and awesome, we have one complaint: Why only for the boys, H&M?

Photo: Courtesy of H&M

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