The Best High-Waisted Jeans For YOU

It's safe to say we've fully embraced the high-waisted trend over here at R29 HQ. In fact, we probably wear more high-waisted bottoms than not — you can't go to one meeting without seeing at least one pair of mom jeans or a killer pair of '70s-inspired flares. But we also know how tricky it can be to find high-waisted jeans that work for you. Unfortunately, there isn't a stork that delivers perfect high-waisted jeans to your doorstop. It takes a lot of trial and error (mostly error) and a little bit of luck to find the pair of your dreams.
When high-waisted jeans are god, they're really good — they accentuate all the right places and can make you feel polished, even on your laziest days. But when they're bad, it just ain't cute. We're talking gaping waistbands, unintentional drop-crotch, and worse, saggy-butt syndrome. Talk about a sartorial nightmare. And to add yet another layer of complication, we've all got different body parts we want to show off. While some of us are #blessed in the backside department, others have got model-worthy legs to flaunt.
To finally get the rest of you steady low-risers on board, we've broken down the perks of each of the five major types of high-waisted jeans. With the help of our experts — Peggi Jewell of 7 For All Mankind, Jill Guenza of Levi's, Jac Cameron of AYR, and Paige Adams-Geller of Paige — you're sure to get to know each silhouette and figure out which works best for YOU.