5 Holiday-Wardrobe Buys Worth The Splurge

Your gift list may seem endless, but that doesn't mean you should stop buying for yourself completely. C'mon, there are countless parties to attend, work events to slog through, and afternoon holiday brunches to munch — all of which require some sort of clothing. While it's tempting to just go HAM, scooping up all the fanciful designer loot you've been spotting on your shopping runs, that's just not realistic — unless you're fine with going broke before your January rent's due, that is.
But, there is a way to indulge in at least one of those luxury pieces. That is, if you know how to style it with more affordable finds. That's what we've got for you ahead: four must-have investment pieces and the tips on how to make each work with the under-$100 buys you likely already have (or have no trouble scoring) for your upcoming affairs. Take that, buyer's remorse.

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